Seventeen intervista Candice Accola

Seventeen ha intervistato Candice Accola a proposito di The Vampire Diaries, e la bella interprete di Caroline ha risposto ad interessanti domande sul rapporto tra gli attori e sulle somiglianze (o meno) tra lei ed il suo personaggio nella serie. Scopriamo così che gli attori si ritrovano spesso a casa degli zii di Candice per dei barbeque e che i ragazzi cucinano a torso nudo.

Buona lettura.

Candice Accola may play the boy crazy Caroline on The Vampire Diaries, but can you really blame her? She gets to hang with hotties Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Zach Roerig, Steven McQueen, and Michael Trevino all day long, which is exactly why we grilled her on all the juicy behind-the-scenes stuff when she stopped by the Seventeen offices!

17: Most TV shows film in L.A., New York, or Canada, but The Vampire Diaries films in Atlanta, which is a little different. Is it weird being away from home?

La traduzione a breve

Candice Accola: I am the lucky duck because I have family there. My wonderful aunt and uncle are letting me crash on their couch, which isn’t really a couch…I have a room! It’s been kind of a blessing for the cast because all of us have gotten so close, not knowing anyone in Atlanta. All the guys on the show have become kind of like brothers, and all of us girls are pretty inseparable.
17: What does the cast do when everyone is hanging out?
CA: We hang at my aunt and uncle’s house. We’ve been geeking out and making girly collages and cooking dinners and barbequing. The boys are wicked awesome on the barbeque.
17: They cook for you! We’re jealous!
CA: I know, and with their shirts off too, it’s really rough out there…it’s terrible!
17: What’s it like playing Caroline?
CA: A lot of fun! Her thing is boys…boys and [getting] attention. [Laughs]
17: How are you most similar to her?
CA: She’s sassy, she likes to say things for the shock factor sometimes, when she’s talking about boys or anything really. If she can throw in that funny one-liner, then she’ll totally go for it, and that’s kind of my weakness too: I like to say things that maybe I shouldn’t.
17: How’s Caroline’s style similar or different than yours?
CA: She’s more casual than trendy. Caroline’s style is more small town. She wears lots of cute basics with fun patterns. She’s very colorful and wears lots of bright colors, which I do too actually. But whereas I might wear a funky, red vintage minidress, she would wear a little cotton baby doll dress with some flats, and I’ll always throw on the heels.
17: Are you on the edge of your seat every time you get a new script?
CA: We actually got in trouble, [but] we’re all blaming Nina [Dobrev] who plays Elena. Nina took the script from the hair and makeup trailer because we’ve been dying to know what will happen next. And then she got caught, and so now, they have scripts on lockdown, and they won’t tell us any information!
17: What makes The Vampire Diaries different from all the other vampire stuff out there right now?
CA: With The Vampire Diaries, it’s not just a tease, especially with the relationships. You’re not sitting there going, ‘God, I wish they’d get it over with and kiss!’ There’s no teasing, they jump right into the action.
17: Let’s do some cast superlatives. Who’s the funniest?
CA: Zachary Roerig who plays Matt, he’s just a character.
17: Who’s the smartest?
CA: I’d have to say Ian [Somerhalder] because he’s the oldest.
17: Who’s the most serious?
CA: Paul [Wesley].
17: Who’s the hottest guy?
CA: All the boys are just so gorgeous. Let’s call it like it’s day-of-the-week underwear and one’s for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each boy is like that. There’s one for every day of the week…there’s no need for just one to win!



7 Risposte to “Seventeen intervista Candice Accola”

  1. capissi almeno che c’è scritto uffi!! cmq grazie x le notizie di tutti i giorni.

  2. i ragazzi cucinano a torso nudo………….eh………………..pure ian…………??’ok girls……………..ora ho la bava…………….ce sl a immaginare ian k cucina a torso nudo…………….x me………..ahhhh

  3. »ßi@m« Says:

    Ehehehehe Klaudia un sogno da poco XD

  4. •Nikit@• Says:

    Beata Candice -.-‘

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  6. Cavolo io adoro Paul peccato ke e serio


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