Nuova intervista di MTV a Paul Wesley

Nuova intervista a Paul, che stavolta ci svela come non voglia che Stefan sia un ragazzo perfetto, ma anzi, che il pubblico conosca presto il suo lato cattivo.

Episode four of “The Vampire Diaries” is set to air on Thursday night (October 1), and so far, viewers have gotten a pretty good look at Damon Salvatore’s evil nature. But we’ve only seen his little brother, Stefan, as a nice, human-blood-abstaining, football-playing vampire next door. Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, hopes that as the season progresses, fans will also get to know just how bad Stefan can be, if he put his mind (and fangs) to it.

“I love what the writers are doing now, creating these ups and downs,” he told MTV News. “I love the fact that they’re not making me the victim anymore.”
If Wesley had his way, he’d like to show off Stefan’s darker side soon. He is a vampire, after all.
“What’s also cool [is that] Stefan’s really tempted by human blood. He’s so tempted. He’s not perfect. I don’t want Stefan to be perfect,” he explained. “He’s still flawed. I just think it’d be kind of interesting to sort of slip up, maybe, and do something bad and go off the deep end. Sort of a role reversal [with Damon].”
Meanwhile, Stefan’s desire to live like a human teenager rather than a vampire is already giving him a whole new set of problems, Wesley said.
“His layers are starting to sort of show,” he said. “When the story first began, he was sort of this mystery figure. And he always has that ambiguity about him, and as we get to know him and he starts having human problems, he becomes more of a person. For me, what’s interesting is that he’s going to get more intense and get more assertive with Damon and start just humanizing more. And that includes laughter and deep sadness. They’re really starting to make him more complex.”
But, of course, that good-old sibling rivalry is still the dominant force in Stefan’s life. “I just think there’s a power shift going on throughout the season,” Wesley observed. “I think that it’s going to be a constant battle over who has control. But up until this point, Damon has been … the older brother, so [his dominance] obviously can’t go on forever.”



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  1. risna crazy for vamoire Says:

    ciao………..qst sito è bellissimo
    complimenti continuate così….

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